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Green Summer Academies: 2015 in Białowieża (photo: Wojciech Jankowski) and 2016 in Ciechocinek (photos: Elżbieta Hołoweńko)

Fundacja Strefa Zieleni (Green Zone Foundation) supports local, national, european and global actions in line with the ideals and the program of the Greens: sustainable development, nature and environment protection, social justice, participatory democracy, freedom of conscience, separation of church and state, freedom of medias and digital rights, responsible governance, corporate social responsibility, green economy and taxation, fair international trade, food sovereignty, the Common goods.

In Europe, the Foundation cooperates with the Green European Foundation (GEF) and other Green foundations and instituts, and with the European Green Party (EGP), promoting their actions and publications.

In Poland, the Foundation collaborates with a number of NGOs and with Polish Green Party (Partia Zieloni), supporting activities like meetings, debates and workshops, exhibitions and other events designed to promote Green visions, ideals and political programs. We also support the independent newspaper Zielone Wiadomości (Green News, www.zielonewiadomosci.pl).

Our Executive Board:

ESJ-2015EWA SUFIN-JACQUEMART, President of the Board (Twitter: @esufin), is graduated in sociology from Warsaw University and the Sorbonne in Paris. After few different studies and carriers, between others as a diplomat (Consul of Poland in Luxemburg 2007-2011), she is since 2012 director of the Green Polish foundation “Strefa Zieleni” and coordinates the Green Centre of the Congress of Women.

beata_nowakBEATA NOWAK, Member of the Board, is editor in chief of the Green News magazine (Zielone Wiadomości, http://zielonewiadomosci.pl), urban and environmental activist. Founder member of the Polish Green party Partia Zieloni (formed as Zieloni 2004) and of the Congress of Urban Movements.



BARTŁOMIEJ KOZEK – Member of the Board (Twitter: @BartlomiejKozek),  is translator and publicist, mainly for the Green News magazine (Zielone Wiadomości) in Poland and for the Green European Journal. His main interest is the green economy, social and urban policy.


Why Poland needs a Green foundation and a Green party?

Poland is the largest country of the ten „new members” of the European Union. But it is also the only country that blocks regularly progressive policies of the European Union in the field of sustainable development and ecology, climate and energy policy.

The policy of the government leads in Poland to major pollution of air, water, soil, great inequalities and social injustices still persist. Participatory democracy is under threat. Corruption and nepotisme persist, and interests of big multinational companies come before the interests of citizens. The authoritarian conservative government destroys the institutions of the state of law: Constitutional Court, freedom and independence of medias, individual rights and freedoms, women and minorities rights. Even pariamentary rules are not respected, since the conservative, orthodox catholic party PIS (law and justice) got the absolute majotrity. Even the system of protection of the environment and nature conservation are endangered.

After introducing a huge logging of trees in Białowieża Forest, the last almost natural forest in Europe, protected species of animals are aloud to be objects of commercial hunting (like bisons in Borki Forest) or massive „sanitary” huntings (40.000 wild boars were ordered to be killed – in the period of reproduction – on the area of 50 km along the Polish border, what would be a total extinction of the wild boar on this territories, until the new animals would migrate from Bielarus; 27.000 of beavers should be also hunted, despite of their protection), and this is just the begining. Nobody is aloud to oppose the hunting on his own estate, atleast it is less then 100m from the buildings.

To preserve Polish incredible nature heritage and to preserve Polish soils and waters from irreversible pollutions, it is essential that the Green movement develops in Poland, as there is currently no other force on Polish political scene, which would take care of biological conditions of life of citizens. Only short-term corporate profits and the profits of the elites closed to the governing party are really taken into consideration, like those of major energy companies (among the top 20 Polish companies, 10 are in the fossil energy sector). The National Forests office – freely governing on almost 1/3 of the territory, without any possibility of social or legal control – is developping a „Republic of Hunters and Woodcutters”, under the protection of the Minister of the Environment Jan Szyszko, climate sceptical forestry profesor and passionate hunter.

To promote the Green policy in Poland, to oppose the destruction of wonderful Polish natural heritage, the state of law, tolerance and democracy, the Foundation needs your support. Citizens expect an alternative and politics turned to the future! As we get no public funding, we need money to rise an ecological and democratical awarness of Polish citizens and speed up this proces.

To support Green actions and Green publications in Poland, we need your help!


We will appreciate even a small amount.

Send your donation to:

FUNDACJA STREFA ZIELENI, 01-822 Warszawa, ul. E. Schroegera 28

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